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Thinking calling for pacification

August 23, 2020
Eisenhauer -  Blessed Be the Hunter

Inspirational and thoughtful, starting with the Priestess of Delight epic musical anthem then blends musical greatness with emotional vocal inspiration, accelerating the sound to the edge of mid-tempo while keeping the musical frenzy with vocals phrases. Thunder and thunderstorm create a backdrop for rhythmic pulsations, then twisting the Gods of Pain vocals phrases and musical passages in the dance of the Eisenhauer - Blessed Be the Hunter album's continuation.
A muted musical sacrament sets the stage for the development of the majestic anthem of the Release the Beast main motif, confidently marching in a dense pulsating march. The Sun Under My Breast acoustic guitar solo sets the tone of the Wild Boar Banner intro, pumping up dense passages of a stubborn march, waving epic banners of the flags of the valiant army. The Ghost Warrior slightly accelerates the pace, setting the sound of the unity of the heroic saga and the military march.
Beginning with the narrator's inspirational recollections of the legend of antiquity then the Ode to the Hammer complements the vocal narration with the epic grandeur of musical covers. Whipping up the drive with the guitar solo of the intro Mountain track returns to the more traditional drive for a similar musical style, whipping up power and tenacity with guitar riffs, starting the vocals with the background narration, but uplifting the brooding sophistication of the vocal duo in the sparkling inspiration of the chorus.
The Thyrannus instrumental suite with a mesmerizing guitar solo acts as an introduction to the final composition of the album, the Cult forcing a viscous and a harsh procession of a musical march, bringing romantic influences of ballad sound with vocal phrases.