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Thinking calling for pacification

August 22, 2020
Erden - Electric Atmosphere

The brooding mystery of the guitar solo of the Erden - Electric Atmosphere album's instrumental Intro gives it some echoes of cosmic currents, then hardens guitar parts of the I'm A Puppet composition, complemented by vocal reflections, slowly, as if from the background, showing their duet, but then rising above the musical surface in a burst of inspiration. The pulsations of the drumbeat discreetly give some influences of rhythmic ambiguity, then combined with notes of bass guitar solo, guitar solo reflections and vocal phrases in the full-scale development of the Delusional Psychosis musical composition.
Recognizing restrained musical severity with a hazy background vocal uncertainty, the Addicted To The Beast creates an atmosphere of impenetrable doubt. Whipping up the waves of a harsh march, the Night Walker alternates them with pensive vocal reflections. The whirlwind of guitar solo gives the cPowder In The Bag omposition some shades of rebellious drive.
Leisurely vocal reflections are combined with soft musical accompaniment to the sound of the Before I Was Born brooding ballad, increasing the power of musical passages in the guitar solo of the instrumental part, supporting the drive into the sound of the Stranger Face next composition, complementing the pulsating density of guitar riffs with some acceleration of the tempo with vocal obstinacy. The title track Electric Atmosphere closes the album with a whirlwind of fun, adhering to the tight and harsh round of guitar riffs.