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They will stand and fight for the last

January 27, 2022
Spartan, 2009 -  For Glory (Demo)

The musical significance and vocal diversity of the Charon song rolls out the musical canvas of the epic saga of the Spartan - For Glory (Demo) concept album. The harsh significance of the sound of the (The Story Of) Talos composition comes in waves of persistent melodicism of the introduction, which is then manifested by the leitmotif somewhat accelerating the march of the battle march with the introduction of the vocals.
Brightly and sparklingly accelerating the musical sound with a mesmerizing guitar solo, the Solar Signs song then weaves an enchanting lace of musical storytelling out of it. Storm, thunder creates an intriguing atmosphere of the Hot Gates intro, which continues with a guitar solo, setting the way for the development of the main motif, carefully preparing the listener for the explosion of rapid drive in conjunction with the vocal introduction.
The Behemoth composition rolls in waves of somber fairy tale, counting the notes of a battle march with the enchanting charm of bardic tales.
The Interlude - For Glory of the final part of the album with echoes of its title track charms with soft and gentle acoustic guitar solo, as if transferring to the atmosphere of wandering bards' tunes, the sound of the Athena's Wrath final composition exploding with power and fury of echoes of ancient sagas, marching confidently under the banners of the dark anthem.