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They will return!

January 06, 2021
White Lion - Return Of Pride

Beginning with the chants of the church choir, the Sangre De Cristo then begins with a muted acoustic symphony with sublime melodies, then adding vocal confessions to the emotional atmosphere of the epic ballad in the first song of the White Lion - Return Of Pride album, in which, while maintaining meldism with a few acceleration of the tempo, notes of drive are added. The Dream song continues the romantic atmosphere, embellishing vocal inspiration with vivid musical accompaniment.
By giving the introduction the direction of the development of the main motive, the Live Your Life then enchants and inspires with a playful procession with joyful vocals. Enchanting with the unity of the acoustic chime of guitar strings with the brooding vocal dreaminess, the Set Me Free bewitches with the romantic tale of a wise bard.
The I Will song affirms and assures of readiness for any trials and adventures, complementing vocals and music with a background symphony. The Battle At Little Big Horn old man's phrase ends with an epic sago, marching in a stubborn rhythmic march. The Never Let You Go brings vocal reflections to the fore in romantic passages.
The rattle of a guitar solo in the introduction ends with the persistence of the Gonna Do It My Way vocals part, which assures of readiness for any difficulties. Next the Finally See The Light song creates an atmosphere of doubts by vocals phrases, covered by a symphonic keyboard suite. Music and vocals intertwine in a captivating dance, inspiring the listener to feel the Let Me Be Me vocals narrative. The Take Me Home (European Bonus) closes this release with a gentle acoustic ballad.