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They will never give up for anything

February 02, 2021
Warrior's Chalice - V (EP)

The swift whirlwinds of musical frenzy begins the Warrior's Chalice - V (EP) album with a musical narration of the Axes Of Gold, Into Your Skull heroic saga, combining musical swiftness with emotional nuances of vocal variation. Then the vocals harden, varying and alternating between the furious calls of harsh screaming and the harsh flow of deep growling.
The vocal part brings its narration to the forefront of the Death March (Nuclear Artillery) musical image, entwined with sparkling ribbons of guitar solos. Then the vocal part is complemented by dreamy invocations of clean vocals.
Rising into a whirlwind of musical frenzy, the Blood Of Thy Enemy envelopes a vocal narrative with these musical whirlwinds, focusing on the frantic emotionality of unbridled screaming.
The brooding saga of the Moon Portal intro walks slowly and knowingly, picking up speed and surging in a swift whirlwind of musical frenzy, twisting vocal phrases and musical passages in the swift whirlwinds of a deadly drive. The Halls Of The Immortal Slaughtered vocals scream sets the direction of the development of the musical canvas of the last composition of the album, sometimes breaking down in the variation of the rhythmic essence and tempo.