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They will fill nothing

June 01, 2022
Speckmann Project - Fiends of Emptiness

The Absolute Power vocals pressure combined with the furious musical drive creates a rolling atmosphere of the introduction of the Speckmann Project - Fiends of Emptiness album, continuing similar motifs and mood in the sound of the Indifferent and A Sick Carnival compositions.
Rolling the shafts of musical waves, the Destroy the Weak song elevates vocal phrases to their crests, rhythmically and sonorously driving the results of musical bars. The Stall musical thriller weaves music and vocals in the unrestrained swiftness of a musical whirlwind. The dark significance of the grim vocals speech comes to the forefront of The Corporate Twisted Control dark anthem.
The vocal part is assertively and furiously brought to the forefront of the sound of the Fiends of Emptiness title track, complementing musical artistry with guitar solos. Vocals continue to dominate the sound of The Victims in Silence They Lay and The So-Called Tyrants compositions, also fascinating with the mystical mystery of guitar solos of instrumental fragments.
The rapid whirlwind of the guitar solo of the introduction takes you into A Diabolical Sense of Proportions rampant flight, then starting the Canceled composition with an indignant sermon, then returning to the usual drive for the music of the album. But the Then the Calm Before the Storm song is again accentuated by a rhythmic mid-tempo march, anticipating the intriguing mystery of the album's final Through Darkness composition.