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They will feast with the gods in Valhalla!

February 07, 2021
Jotunheim (USA) - Asgaard's Nemeses Rise

Vocal fury intertwines in a whirlwind of deadly dance with musical frenzy, then retreating in front of waves of melody, again and again accentuating the title of the Jormungand composition in the chorus. The Fenris continues the musical narration of the Jotunheim (USA) - Asgaard's Nemeses Rise concept album, enveloping in an even denser vortex of sparkling snowstorms and sharply accelerating the tempo of the musical sound with the introduction of harsh vocals, retreating before the epic calls of instrumental bridges, then uniting with them in a joint musical stream.
The story of the Loki evil deity, renouncing human benefits, but uniting in the family greatness of the sons of Odin combines swiftness and melody, then bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image. The Jotuns giants march sternly and rhythmically, challenging the gods and rejecting the orders and foundations laid by them. They team up with the evil god Loki to break the gods' rules and take over the reins of Asgard.
Starting with the enchanting chime of guitar strings, the Angrboda song then develops this melody into an instrumental procession of a solemn anthem. But the vocals return with angry appeals, complementing the viscous procession with notes of northern folklore after the rapid introduction, intertwining with the musical passages of the Surtur epic saga unite. The Hel completes the musical essence of the album, enveloping the vocal phrases with the twilight majesty of austere melody.