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They will crown you with a crystal crown of ice under the hymn of severe frosts

January 07, 2018
Taake - Kong Vinter

Brief rattle sounds, then a wave of irresistible drive opens the sound of Taake - Kong Vinter album in the first composition Sverdets Vei, but over the drive there are wonderful guitar solo riffs, embodying a wonderful and unforgettable melody. In the insturmental part, it is revealed even more whimsically and unforgettably.
The viscous viscous introduction then opens up in vortices that string the sound onto an invisible spiral. But even before the introduction of the vocal Inntrenger, the wave of drive is sweeping, completing it with twilight fog, full of hidden hope, mid-tempo music, continuing its mysterious passages with vocals as well.
The following compositions alternates words in title - Huset i Havet creates such a mysterious atmosphere in which the fog hovers obscure phantoms in the enchanting dance of an unknown rite, recreating vague mysteries. Twilight puzzles end with the instrumental part, in which obscure images are accompanied by muffled phrases and croaking of crows. Then, in the final part, a bright melody lifts a wave of dense drive over which it hovers like Valkyries squad. Continuation of this alternation of words Havet i Huset begins with a proud swinging motive, creating a leisurely atmosphere of honoring past valor. Then, keeping this melody as the main motive, a powerful drive with uncontrollable pressure sweeps everything from its path. This song completes with so mysterious and proud motive.
The Jernhaand main motive immediately manifests itself, carrying a musical blizzard into the northern expanses, swept by storms and piercing winds over the sparkling snowfields, ancient forests and raging sea breakers.
Instrumental composition Maanebrent in a leisurely manner demonstrates such a diverse picture with many shades, from which I will only note that it extends the framework inherent in the style - for its sound is suitable for many other musical genres that do not glorify Valgalla's.
Continuing the multifaceted manner of the previous composition, Fra Bjoergegrend mot Glemselen completes the album in such a way that it can be perceived as a separate creation, very worthy of being issued in a separate edition - so atmospheric and diverse the northern winds envelop the unforgettable cover of epic impressions from all sides.