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They will always haunt

January 06, 2021
Suicide Silence - Become The Hunter (EP)

The rhythmic drumbeat sets the mood for the battle march, the vocals give a harsh indication, then the pace of the musical narration accelerates and the vocals soar with furious screaming. But then, in the first song of the Suicide Silence - Become The Hunter (EP) release, screaming harsh and growling are combined and alternated, unexpectedly and variably transforming the rhythmic essence from the march of a combat march to a fast-paced race of unrestrained drive. In the middle of the composition, the musical sacrament creates a mystical background in which vocal anger and emotions burst in rapid whirlwinds. The Two Steps track ends with a solemn procession of a musical anthem preceding a bright guitar solo.
The Feel Alive sound focuses on the vocal debate of screaming and growling, further accentuating the rhythmic pressure of the rolling drive, persistently and persistently captivating the listener. Keeping the militant march, the instrumental fragments delight with an incredibly bright guitar solo.
Soaring into an accelerated intro tempo, the Love Me to Death then subdues the musical variation to vocal cues, yet the music brings enchanting melody and impressively progressive rhythmic transformations, giving the sound some symphonic overtones. Vocals, however, are not inferior in the dispute with musical variations, complementing this musical lace with variations of vocal emotions.
The symphonic introduction of the final composition Meltdown continues with a harsh drum roll, as if complementing the procession of the black knights.