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They scorched, they stuck - all of them are under attack!

May 22, 2016
Destruction - Under Attack

No promises, no pardons - begined by the acoustic guitar and lyrical melodic passage, Under Attack starts storm of hatred with the same name, Destruction - Under Attack by these words! They under atack, so protects as they can and beat off - than they can!
Viscous start preparing for the future Generation Nevermore, made up of an ever-changing guitar riffs, varied rhythmic support and repeating the name over and over again!
Stringy style does not cast out, it starts Dethroned composed by the intrusive, do not let go of its tentacles, melodies. Deprived of the throne? Dragons will arrive, return all the thrones as well!
The mystical, intriguing beginning of the Getting Used to the Evil diverts attention from what is evil enslaves the mind and distorts the comprehension. Also, the entire track, riddled with unexpected melodic guitar inclusions and emotional vocals feed.
Mythical fairies substitute by the powerful blows, all Pathogenic thing have to be banished far-far from there, elsewhere!
Hard for them in this world, at parties, at balls, receptions, meetings, fashion shows! They are able to take care, but but deep inside they are -Elegant Pigs at all!
Fast pace starts Second to None, ruled it flows under the vocals and guitars inclusions - smooth, solid, powerful and rhythmically!
Quickly, roared marches introduction to the main canvas, Stand up for What You Deliver continues quickly, but rhythmically stepping on its way to further.
Lap runs, circling all the abyss with his eyes Conductor of the Void. Dear abyss, do not try to slip check - get out!
Ornate, changeable and eerily painful Stigmatized wraps you around, slowly, deliberately, and without a chance to escape. The average rate of the enveloping only complicates further fate of the object.
Venomous, exhaling poison from their teeth Black Metal (feat. Alex Camargo) repeats something from which no escape, no hideout, no refuge. Venom flows in your veins - any possibility to avoid that!
Hammered entry reefs by heavy hammer - anvil experiences Thrash Attack! That instrumental outro ends up expectation of next attack.