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They are unaware of weariness, pain and compassion

November 14, 2020
Axeslasher - Dead Alive

The chime of a bell brings a graveyard horror to the Intro mix, complete with wolf howl echoes and epic guitar solo thought. But after the rhythmic pulsation of drumbeats and harsh guitar passages, The Axeslasher appeals to the fans who have gathered to support the Axeslasher - Dead Alive band's performance and unites with the audience in a single mood of musical energy. The Drifter's Warning announced by the vocalist and soars in a frenzied stream of musical drive, wrapping the vocals hardened to growling with guitar riffs.
The vocalist's speech anticipates an explosion of the In the Woods There Is No Law track's musical drive, combining with the vocal fury of an unbridled harsh in the frenzy of a fast-paced musical thriller. The vocalist's communication with the audience creates a bridge between the compositions, anticipating the beginning of the epic march of Woodland Tortuary song. The introduction of the vocals at first takes the music into an unrestrained race of impetuous drive, but then again and again complements the musical image with epic elements. After talking with fans, the Night of the Shears song combines the unity of drive and dancing tunes of the vocal part.
Whirling into a whirlwind of guitar solo the Mark of the Pizzagram then combines the swiftness and melody into the instrumental composition. Then the vocalist returns to communication with the audience and prepares it for another explosion of the Invasion of the Babesnatchers frenzied musical thriller, marching on the brink of mid-tempo power and rapid fury. The vocalist prepares the audience for the Pit of Legends final song of the release especially responsibly and meaningfully, then the band complements these announcements with the appropriate significance of the musical narration.