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They are restless in search of adventures

May 13, 2022
Capricorn (SWE) -  For the Restless

Rolling waves of inspired vocal narratives, The Searcher song complements them with sparkling musical passages, beginning the sound of the Capricorn (SWE) - For the Restless album with musical passages full of hopes and expectations. But already the Self Pity composition asks the question of self-esteem and emphasizes the need to approach this issue carefully and thoughtfully.
The vocal narrative is brought to the forefront of the Long Gone Heroes musical story, then entwined with whirlwinds of guitar solos of instrumental variations. Sighing with a whirlwind of joy and entertainment, the Revolution Boogie song brings to the sound of the album the eternal spirit of rock'n'roll.
Soothing musical covers of the Hold on Hold Out composition inspire a hopeful mood and leave the expectation of changes for the better. The Got to Go song again returns to a rebellious and freedom-loving mood, leading along the path of adventure. The It Ain't Me musical narrative brings vocal confession and confessions to the forefront of the musical image, supporting it with musical variations and background singing.
The music and vocals of the Night of the Lonely Hearts song are intertwined in the lace of joint inspiration of the vocruis of the leitmotif axis, complementing and decorating the sound with a guitar solo of the instructional part, but in the Rock'n'Roll Congregation composition the main motif is brought to the fore, crowning its musical vortices with vocal phrases. The Got You Where They Want To song concludes the album with a mysterious dance of music and vocals.