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They are far away - they may not hear and understand

December 11, 2020
VOLA - Applause Of A Distant Crowd

The rhythmic sound of the We Are Thin Air intro is then crowned with sublime guitar solos and uplifting vocal phrases, combined in a soft and soothing ballad that begins the VOLA - Applause Of A Distant Crowd album's musical narrative. The electronic pulsations of the keyboard variations of the Ghosts main motive continue the sublime melody and romantic atmosphere.
Complicating the rhythmic essence of the Smartfriend composition in the progressive delights of musical discoveries. Wrapping the lace of gentle melodies around the vocal pensiveness, the Ruby Pool song again returns to ballad romanticism. Combining the solemn anthem of the intro and chorus with the muted ruminations of verses, the Alien Shivers combines these snippets in a thrilling sound. Maintaining a melodic sound, the Vertigo vocals part lowers the key from an inspired tenor to a velvety baritone. continuing a similar vocal style in an energetic march of the Still composition.
The title track Applause Of A Distant Crowd continues the musical narration of the album, enveloping the vocals in the lace of a brooding symphony and combining a mesmerizing duet in the vocals. The music somewhat condenses the sounding in the rhythmic solemnity of the Whaler majestic anthem. The Green Screen Mother concludes the album with an artistic keyboard suite.