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They are exiled from sunlight

January 06, 2022
Mutterlein - Orphans of the Black Sun

An intriguing gloom precedes the drumbeat of the march and the vocal proclamations of despair and pain, opening the gates of the Mutterlein - Orphans of the Black Sun album with the doubts and hopeless confessions of the Lesbians Whores and Witches creatures, desperate to prove their necessity to the rest of the world.
After a dusky introduction in a gloomy gothic atmosphere, the vocal part of the Black Dog song comes to the forefront of the sound and the musical image, shrouded in a shroud of twilight haze with mysterious gothic keyboard passages in the background.
The music in the introduction weaves a lace leitmotif, combining electronic pulses of futuristic musical trends with echoes of ancient gothic motifs, combining in a single sound of the My War musical saga. But in the final fragment the acoustic guitar complements the bardic musings of the singing lady.
The introduction ends with the sound of a departing locomotive, then the singing lady, in a rhythmic, unhurried procession, makes her desperate pleas to the heavens, maintaining the gloomy atmosphere of the Heirs of Doom track.
Steadily marching through mystical spaces filled with ghostly entities, the Ghost Army singing lady devotes herself to unhurried meditations, topped with mysterious keyboard variations. The Mother Black Sun composition, which can be given the status of the title track, closes the album with a twilight symphony, which shrouds the vocal meditations with shrouds of mystery and mystical echoes of ancient legends.