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These witches have to be counted

November 22, 2022
O.A.K. - Nine Witches Under A Walnut Tree

The sound of rain, the rustling and galloping of horses and the distant clashing of swords are the introduction to the chime of the guitar strings of the Chlodswinda bard ballad, acting as a description of one of the witches of the musical fairy tale of the O.A.K. - Nine Witches Under A Walnut Tree album, beginning the medieval atmosphere of this mystical story, complementing the main vocals with a background singing of musical companions. Further, the sound of the Gioconna composition is progressively transformed by sparkling variations of musical passages, long and carefully preparing the introduction of vocals, weaving a part of opera tunes of a singing lady and mysterious vocals phrases.
The keyboards solo with mystical mystery in the background acts as an introduction to the romantic atmosphere of the Dame Harvillers musical story, in which the notes of the French chanson are manifested, ending with the pecking of boiling potions and enchanting musical melodies that create the musical atmosphere of the Janet Boyman artistic musical fairy tale with echoes of medieval epic motifs.
The terrifying mystery and ghostly echoes of lost souls and distant screams are woven into the dark lace of twilight mystery of the Franchetta Borelli musical artwork, somewhat taming the musical twilight with a soothing vocals narrative. Celtic motifs and the pulsating fraction of rhythmic step are woven into the musical lace of the Polissena Druid fairy tale, complemented by a progressive complication of rhythmics in the ascension of musical artistry.
The intriguing introduction concludes with the soothing charm of the Donna Prudentia romatic ballad, complementing the leisurely procession of vocal lyrics with the gentle charm of musical passages, then enveloping the charm of the unhurried mystery and mystical atmosphere of the Nadira composition with mysterious vocal confessions anticipating the unhurried step of continuing such a style in the Rebecca Lemp musical description of the last witch from this collection of fairy tales - in this case using German lyrics.