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These wanderings will leave an unforgettable impression

January 28, 2022
Belore - Journey Through Mountains and Valleys

The Valley of the Giants composition begins the musical narration of the Belore - Journey Through Mountains and Valleys album with the symphonic charm of an epic tale, supplementing the vocal emotionality with the musical charm. The Whispering Mountains song continues the motifs and style of the previous song, transforming the tempo into a solemn march and alternating the vocal part and the musical symphony in the foreground of the musical image.
The Bewitching Horns majestic anthem gives the sound elements of medieval atmosphere, enveloping the spirit of that era in a leisurely and sonorous procession, continuing a similar style with Celtic folkloric flute inflections in the sound of The Howlings Fields epic saga.
The musical motifs of medieval tales are woven into the enchanting lace of The Initiation Ritual symphony, combining musical charm with dreamy vocals significance. After the symphonic introduction, The King's Funeral anthem of royal majesty, united with the epic echoes of medieval folklore, brings the vocal part to the forefront.
The musical story of the album continues with The Return of the Fallen Heroes minstrel saga, combining thoughtful narration of the vocals in the verses, wrapped in sparkling ribbons of melodic passages with charming chorales of the choruses. The Serenity of Steel instrumental bard tale that sounds around an evening campfire completes the album's musical narrative with the enchanting chime of acoustic guitar strings.