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These tales are too mystical sometimes

July 17, 2019
Space Daze - Too Mystical

The song, full of doubts and feelings, Bummer begins the Space Daze - Too Mystical album with the gloomy atmosphere of unclear doubts, culminating in the repetition of the question "Am I wrong?" Pass You By continues the atmosphere of doubts and feelings, but complements vocal phrases with a slight touch of romance and love inspiration.
These trends are revealed in a more inspirational sound of the Like Nothing composition. The music is complemented by the captivating background of keyboards passages, vocals phrases, dispelling light growls filled with inspirations and presentiments. Despite the grim title, Finding Graves continues its musical inspiration, weaving the laces of a space saga in instrumental bridges from acoustic guitars solos and charming keyboards passages. Acoustic guitar soloGrey Sunday by fascinating fingering breaks creates an atmosphere of mystical experiences and creates a certain oasis of peace and relaxation. Green Hill continues similar musical stylistics, braiding muffled vocals reflections with musical lace of acoustic romance.
Slightly accelerating pace Cosmic Sign creates an enchanting atmosphere of cosmic trends, enveloping vocals phrases with trends of fascinating music, weaving guitars riffs and keyboards delights. Returning to acoustic romance Gold Flowers brings country-style romance to the album. Preserving some of the style of the previous composition Look Into interweaves it with due inspiration of the classic rock'n'roll ballads while ends the album.