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These streams will take away your will

October 14, 2023
Formless Oedon - Streams of Rot

The twilight haze of the introduction shrouds the development of the musical narrative of the Heavenly Abomination composition in mysterious veils, combining musical transformations, tempo variations and vocals narration in a charming mystery, beginning the musical path of the Formless Oedon - Streams of Rot album with the twilight mystery of an intriguing musical fairy tale.
Guitar passages weave a bewitching lace of a dark musical canvas, rolling it along the narrative path of the Voidspawn... dark musical tale, preceding the twilight mystery of the ...In The Flesh musical story, pushing the solemn grandeur of the vocal story to the forefront of the musical image. The guitar solo of the instrumental part introduces progressive shades of artistic grandeur into the compositional diversity, calling for a hardening of the sound and a thickening of the drive of the final part, together with the hardening of the vocals story.
Entering with an assertive drive, crowned with sparkling threads of sparkling echoes of the leitmotif, the Calcine Purification song then subordinates its transformations to the vocal part, bringing sparkling charm to the guitar solo of the instrumental part. The enchanting mystery of the Consolamentum twilight musical tale enters the path of development of the musical composition with playful whirlwinds of bewitching intrigue, subordinating the musical transformations to lyrical significance with the introduction of the stern appeals of the vocal part, confidently indicating the further musical path.
The twilight mystery of the introduction envelops in a ghostly haze the further development of the musical patterns of the Beyond Eclipse of Time song, suggesting the further development of the twilight lace of a mysterious musical fairy tale, carefully and painstakingly preparing for the completion of this album with its Streams of Rot title composition, combining melodic charm, symphonic grandeur and variations of restrained drive and musical power.