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These songs find echoes in the heart and soul

October 21, 2022
Wilder Maker - Ambien Jukebox

The symphonic musical envelops the bewitching vocal melodies of the Danny's Song song of twilight mystery, opening the book of musical fairy tales of the Wilder Maker - Ambien Jukebox album, alternating and combining female and male vocals, anticipating the romantic reflections of the Long Distance Love thoughtful ballad.
The melodic charm of bewitching motives with echoes of Christmas stories are intertwined in the musical covers of the Unknown Legend composition, enveloping the vocal story. In the sound of the Slow Hand musical fairy tale, the echoes of the holiday are combined with a slight sadness of memories with a spicy hint of cowboy tales of the wild west.
The pacifying relaxed Galveston ballad continues the development of the country style, complementing the main male vocals with the background vocals of a singing lady, continuing in romantic thoughtful lounge music with hints of jazz and dixielands music shades in the sound of the Crazy composition, complementing the male vocals with distorted tunes of an invisible spirit from the time when such music dominated the open spaces of stage performances.
The Sundown song brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, weaving vocals in a duet with musical variations in a vocals story, anticipating the sophisticated musical thoughtfulness of the unhurried and mysterious We Sure Can Love Each Other musical fairy tale and the mystical twilight of the Hot Burrito #1 final composition of the album.