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These secrets will say only whisper

March 07, 2021
Deanta - Whisper of a Secret

Enchanting melodies of bagpipes circling in the fascinating dance of the Two Days to Go instrumental track. The Willie and Mary song complements the musical charm of Celtic folklore with charm of vocal phrases of a singing lady, fascinating in the Deanta - Whisper of a Secret album's sparkling fairy tale of a four-line clover. Bright and artistic mouths flutes are combined in a sparse dance with a violin and the rest of the musical parties of The Usual Suspects instrumental composition. Continuing the dominance of the flute in a musical image, the Paddy and the Bandit instrumental track is significantly and artistically supports its musical motives with its supports.
The vocals part is put forward to the forefront of the musical fairy tale of the Lone Shanakyle song, tenderly and gently complement the charm of the voice of a singing lady with rare musical notes. The Waltz of the White Lilies composition focus and fascinates the violin solo. Musical tunes of the At the Crossroads festive festival are fond of dances on the decorated streets of a festive village, fascinating all new and new inhabitants into the dance. And again the vocal part goes to the foreground of the sound of The Blacksmith song, enchanting a gentle and emotional vocal duet, augmented by a soft chime of guitar trunnel, then somewhat accelerating the joint sound.
The violin and guitar are intertwined in the charm of the Cogair Ruin co-instrumental romantic dance. The Druid's Mountain continues such a music charm, but creates even more fun and joyful atmosphere. The Where Are You romantic ballad enchants by the unity of the tenderness of the vocal entry of an emotional and inspirational female vocal with a soft melody of a musical accompaniment. The Scarta Glen Road composition completes the album sparkling celebration.