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These gates invite, repel and frighten

January 14, 2022
Mercury Circle - The Gates Wide Open (EP)

The title track begins to roll out the musical canvas of the Mercury Circle - The Gates Wide Open (EP) release, enchanting with mystical omens and bringing a certain mystery to the sound. Especially in this aspect we should mention the sound of instrumental variations, creating the atmosphere of mystical obscurity, as if calling for prayers of Tibetan monks and some unknown priests, making prayers in some unknown places, like the mystical city Shangri-La and other miraculous places and cities, sung in legends and stories. Equally diligent, meticulous and painstakingly enchanting vocal mysteries and background chorales complement this musical atmosphere with their parts, bringing to it an incredible array of enchanting musical tones.
While maintaining a mystical mystique in the sound of the main motif, at times augmenting the sound with background chorales of monks and tunes of wind instruments, the Black Mirrors composition brings to the sound rhythmic pulsations of the musical heartbeat and a rhythmic procession of restrained drive, again and again accenting the title of the song in the chorus.
With a triumphant musical introduction, the You Open Up The Earth musical tale concludes the release with the musical and vocal mystery of the verses, raising the banner of the musical triumph of epic romance in the chorus, enchanting the listener with sparkling and wistful echoes of forgotten fairy tales with a touch of sadness.