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These forces have always sought to destroy humanity

March 25, 2021
Dira Mortis - Ancient Breath Of Forgotten Misanthropy

The Legions Heading For Eternity instrumental track acts as an intriguing Dira Mortis - Ancient Breath Of Forgotten Misanthropy album's joining the mysteriousness, then related by a charming musical canvas of progressive spratughter, combined with the sound of the Worship The Terror Of Madness composition with vocal phrases, combining deep growling with fierce emotional screaming in the vocals party.
At first, the Sepulchral Maniac rushes in a rapid fury, then rises the nervous musical jet of the violent drive, later marching in a leisurely procession of the solemn anthem, sometimes reducing the rapid vortices of instrumental variations, but again and again returning to majestic slowness. But the final part swells the combination of screaming and growling of the vocal party with the swirl of rapid guitar passages.
The Twilight Of Divine Purgatory intro's guitar solo enchants by the fascinating melody with shades forgotten fairy tales, asking the direction of development of the main motive, crowned with alternating vocal styles. The Falling Majesty Of Abomination after exploding the increasing drive in the introduction explodes with a musical jet of a frantic drive, whining the alternation of screaming and the rogue of the vocal party. A bright guitar solo anticipates the majestic anthem of the final part.
The Forward To The Abyss Of Misanthropy close to the title composition of the album again begins with a violent anger that swept away everything in its path, but continues in traditional motifs, anticipating the instrumental finals of the album in The Altars Fall track.