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These figures became turning for humanity

March 29, 2021
Vandenberg - 2020

The Shadows Of The Night starts the Vandenberg - 2020 album's musical narrative with whirlwinds of pushy drive alternating with vocal ascension of musical significance. Stubbornly and persistently the Freight Train song weaves music and vocals in a single musical stream of a dense and confident march. The Hell And High Water develops ideas for a meaningful march, slowing down the pace even more in a rhythmic procession that lifts the banners of vocals phrases.
The mesmerizing melody of the Let It Rain romantic ballad enchants with the softness and majesty of the musical passages. The mid-tempo Ride Like The Wind musical composition brings echoes of oriental motives, complemented by vocal tunes. The Shout as if continues the previous song, but softens its sound and pacifies the persistence and stubbornness of the restrained drive to a thoughtful ballad.
The acoustic guitar solo of the Shitstorm intro is intertwined with brooding vocal reflections in an intriguing waltz, but then the music rolls in waves of restrained drive in a rhythmic march. The drum roll of the intro indicates the path of the Light Up The Sky main motive procession, rolling out the musical canvas of the guitar solo for the vocals procession. The mesmerizing charm of the Burning Heart 2020 melodic chime of guitar notes captivates in the sound of a thoughtful and sophisticated ballad. The Skyfall song end the album's story with an inspired procession of a grand march.