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These beliefs are highly controversial

October 01, 2020
UADA - Cult of a Dying Sun

Beginning the musical narration in a whirlwind of fast-paced drive The Purging Fire then lends it the epic charm of an artistic guitar solo that anticipates the vocal melds with musical narration. The Snakes & Vultures song continues the musical narration of the UADA - Cult of a Dying Sun album with a mid-tempo march, but gradually accelerates the tempo of the music by the vocal intro, but combines music and vocals again in a mid-tempo epic saga, returning to the frantic swiftness in the instrumental bridges and chorus.
The combination of music and vocals carries away the Cult of a Dying Sun title composition, alternating different tempo of music and styles of vocal part, into an exciting sound. The final fragment captivates with a charismatic vocal appeal intertwined in a mesmerizing dance of the solemn anthem with an incredibly melodic guitar solo. Acoustic guitar solo tells the story of The Wanderer bard's travels, gently and romantically enveloping in the gentle atmosphere of an instrumental symphony. Developing the musical motives of the previous composition, the Blood Sand Ash track transforms them into pulsating waves of a mid-tempo march in the introduction, hardening the musical sound and accelerating the tempo to a fast drive with the introduction of vocals. But then the music again returns to the mid-tempo procession of the valiant march in the instrumental bridge, preceding the chorus, in which the drive again comes to the fore of the musical image.
Immediately entering the deadly dance of an unrestrained guitar solo, the Sphere (Imprisonment) pushes powerful waves of musical storming. The vocals begin with a deep growling, then transform into emotional screaming. The sparkling sound of the guitar solo of the introduction the Mirrors sets the direction of the development of the main motive, crowning this musical procession with a vocal part. The final composition of the album brings a whirlwind of impetuosity with guitar solos of instrumental bridges.