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There was an ancient times - all wasn't like now in that realms

May 24, 2016
SuidAkrA - Realms Of Odoric

Into The Realm starts the chronicle of that lands, under the chords with giants blows in their drums from afar. And bagpipes connects to that top.
Legends SuidAkrA - Realms Of Odoric mean a lot and aren't disclosed in a minute.
Different fate fall on the way of life of different people - someone has The Serpent Within. Quiet rhythm, gaining the power becomes stronger with guitar and vocal support. Growl calms his rage in the chorus, which performs the clean vocals.
An intriguing, fascinating entry begins with oriental motif and whisper, then The Hunter's Horde accelerate their journey, adding power, rage and tempo. But, during the bridge in the middle clean vocals sings about "in the dark worlds", then added volume whisper utters a few sentences.
Slowly, unhurriedly evolving Creeping Blood - dark voice commanding from the void that ancient blood have to craved the new flesh!
Undaunted lady tells her story fearlessly, confidently - starting slowly, then accelerating narrative. In accompaniment merge together guitars, rhythm section and bagpipes, that connects for the chorus.
The orchestra and the chorus begin tale Lion Of Darcania, then growl and instruments been incorporated into that midtempo story. In the instrumental part orchestra comes to the fore with its sublime passage, to which distant giants connects with their drums, then growl, choir and female vocals finish that tale!
Keyboards come, joins the violin, then rhythm setion includes to the of the musical canvas of the Pictish Pride. Then verse furiously presses the listener, willing or not proud of the Picts, growls angrily disrupting doubt. A brief pause in pressure, then a short aggressive passage and chorus, where calmly and sublimely clean male and female vocals summarizes all aforesaid.
A viscous, persistent entry starts the tale On Roads To Ruin. Slowly continue the story of the sad and grim tales - there's no point to rush "Into slavery - No hopes, no dreams...Just death and fear"!
Mysterious entry Dark Revelations goes into energetic verse, followed by the instrumental part, calm and melodious. Knowledge can be different - there are desired, there are dangerous: raspy woman's voice demands to burn all the books, to erase his name from memory. After a quick guitar solo, growling promises to burn all the books, forget everything!
Bard lady starts the ballad Braving The End with her story about the coming end, then clean male vocals connects on the sidelines for the ballad, from time to time soloist by his baritone in the tale.
Epic story One Against The Tide begins with march pace, then accelerates for a verse, to came back to the the march pace story about how one herou defends realm from hordes, sacrificed himself for the further descendants that has only helm of those hero. And the story ends!
As a bonus to that artwork we can hear two fine, lyrical and melodical instrumental tracks, calm, relaxed and dreamy Cimbric Requiem (Bonus) and more dark and brooding Remembrance (Bonus) that finished by narrator, who asks to remember the sacrifice.