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There's no sense to retell - just rise up your hands and shout "Hail!"

April 19, 2017
Sonus Mortis - Hail the Tragedies of Man

It is difficult to describe a single, readable, understandable and intelligible phrase - Sonus Mortis - Hail the Tragedies of Man must listen! It is have to be listened, necessary, obligatory!!
Powerfully, violently and comprehensively the Chant Demigod fairy tale creates so charming musical image, progressing through the limitations of time and space as well!
The depth of spatial collapse drags into its creations of the Null and Void, again and again returning to dreamy questions.
Power, rage and anger combinex in a single gust with a charming melody, recreating ancient tunes in the Subproject - the forgotten one is resurrected again!
Quickly, powerfully, impatiently, No Escape is eager for deeds, trying to break old canons and unprecedented reproaches.
>Power combines with confidence in the And so We Became Slaves Forever drive and fury makes its impact on the cutting edge, ascending in the soulless impulses of an unrestrained blizzard of End of Days careless stormless storm. At the end, clean vocals complements the regrets of having gone nowhere, but screaming breaks this confession, carrying out in sharp outbursts any doubts.
So beautiful, delightful and mesmerizing The Great Catholic Collapse melody was tormented in the fetters of portents, returning to past impressions ... but who will ever remember them?
I See Humans but no Humanity - a rhetorical question that will never find an answer. More precisely, not yet nashol - but the search for the right solution is in an eerie and meaningful sound, combining many styles, varying this combination and ... maybe someone will hear the answer?
Starts with keyboards piano passages, Chaos Reigns performs the arise of them in furious tale, that accept the power and might over all. Melody and might, harsh fury, anger and gentle melody combines unite in the single stream! Oh, that's great - as for me!
Keyboards passages begins Wretched Flesh, I Embrace, reborns in the furious combination of melody with guitar frenzy, combining in a single stream of musical vortex, combining vocal clean, harsh, screaming and growling vocals in the single musical image.
Rage, anger and bitterness are combined with a haze of doubt in the Hail the Tragedies of Man, completing the album with its mysterious fog.