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There's no place to rest - white death haunts us

October 24, 2016
KYPCK - 3epo (Zero)

The severity of overcast north clouds, crumpled slushy roads lead to the completion of journey for the narrator at the point KYPCK - 3epo (Zero) !
The grim, painful, and detached the beginning of Я свободен (I Am Free) in gloomy and stunned verse reborn in the story of immortality and immunity to environmental adversities.
Thoughtfully and quietly thinking of reality, but the desire to find out and understand what caused the current state and what it will add up to a oppressive story 2017.
For all their deeds vain or thoughtful there is no forgiveness, you need to understand and take deserved Мне отмщение (Vengeance Is Mine) - next follows a lot of examples, arising in a lyrical and beautiful chorus.
A heavy blanket of the northern sky covers as dark canopy, when you go to these shores. Прогулка по Неве (Stroll by the Banks of Neva) combined with the bitter hour, when no luck - but the narrator has his own method of dealing with such a gloomy obsession: frankness and rich musical accompaniment of his confession in chorus. But - it's all fictional leads to nothing ... books lays around ... and frosty silence. Nothing has happened anymore...
Romantic and dark from the fruitless search of unfulfilled dreams - though saw the face in the clouds of heaven. But На небе вижу я лицо (I See a Face in the Sky) and it does not disappear anywhere - this lady acquires a voice, interwoven with the narrator in his vocal phrases as duet party.
Languidly and hopelessly intertwined and starts Моя жизнь (My Life), gaining power and fury with the entry vocals inspired by the mood and on the topic of weathered setbacks.
Mixed feelings are combined in the apprehension in the waiting Последний тур (The Last Tour). Guitar fingering riff serves as a leitmotif of dark and sad story that has no chance to escape in a fun and lively way.
If you do not consider them the best in the world - you are Русофоб (Russophobe)! You do not know in detail about all their achievements or inventions - even more! If you think that without them the world would be better - much-much more!
Memories of past days of life evoke the feeling of the past, crushing the top like a huge shackles. Only memories about the Байкал support in further anguish and against external irritants.
Moaning in his pallor Белая смерть (White Death) completes the story, shrouding by the veils of snowstorms and fog of receding memories.