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There's no Heaven without Hell

August 23, 2016
Grace Disgraced - Lasting Afterdeaths

Earth is the cradle of humanity, its original foundation and the fundamental value. Grace Disgraced - Lasting Afterdeaths tells us that clear and undoubtedly!
The fierce and powerful intro crushes the shackles and barriers, then depressing obsession guitar part accompanies to monologue of the Russian-speaking lady about the cradle of humanity, next Grave Among the Stars turns into wild and furious carver, who carves his story in a different rhythm and pace, combining powerful and deep strokes with fast and sharp pricks. Next, stunningly fast guitar solo replaced with very melodic, mysterious and fascinating riff 'till the lady's phrase about the sad fate among the wreckage of the fuselage!
Shackled, rhythmically restrained among the limiting boundaries of freedom begins Childhood of the Dead. Within these boundaries rhythm rushing spurts, not recognizing a single structure and the only correct pace. It overcomes all the shackles in its frames, then calms down with the balanced melodical guitar solo. But serenity and sensuality only gives some respite before the further zeal ending with vocal confession.
Deliberately rotates Wheels Demonical Spin next vocals whipping up intensity, guitar insert give a break for that. Then, the pace growing, uncontrolled and powerful. However, the chorus brings a short break to this growth. But it's not eternal - followed by fabulous melodical guitar solo and slow rhythmical confession that ends with the guitar solo and final phrase.
Vocals doesn't agree to The Mute, begins the game from the first notes, then the melody comes to enthrall rhythmic recitative, which interrupts the exciting guitar break. Then the guitar exalts vocals to the lofty sky-high for a bit, but returns it back to sinful land. And guitars complets that significant event of vocals states.
Part of the History warlike march, sets the rhythm combatant promote detachment commander constructed to perform combat missions. Marsh replaces with the lyric song at the camp around the fire. But the troops will not rest around the fire! March is not finished, the battle began - it's time to face the enemy, concentrating on combat missions! The commanding staff planning strategy, discussing the operational tactics, thinking about the current state of affairs. But instruments make final march to the end of the composition.
Sad melancholic melody recreates in our minds, feelings of the Captured in Snow whipping and varying their emotions. After vocal's burst melody fades in the bonds of frost, but the vocals once again pushes the frozen accompaniment. Otherwise there's no way to break free from here! But then follows the sad atmospheric melody, stubbornly and persistently creating environmental gloomy frustration.
Acoustic guitar begins an intriguing introduction, not hurrying to burden the listener with might and fury thet usual for style passages. What Hide the Woods of Gevaudan - isn't simple question! The answer to that is a versatile, diverse - it can be interpreted in many ways and totally individually. Ends composition as calm and melodic as it began.