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There's no difference how hard - you have to fortify

March 30, 2017
Spirit of the Future Sun - Fortitude

Variety is collected in a single impulse, setting up the further Spirit of the Future Sun - Fortitude of its own.
Phantoms of Clarity is slowly climbing along the way of a symphonic celebration, creating an impressive entry for the Letters from Cancer Mainlands violently and passionately combines pure vocal with growling, combining romance and anger in a single image.
Whirlwinds are hovering around, the children's choir is woven into their unexpected images, Imitation of Life creates dreamy impulses, in creative and creative phrases of pure vocal, dreaming of clouds. Then growling returns to ordinary adversity, furiously and swiftly carrying dreams to the next triumph of fictitious happiness - Children's Choir sums up this simulation.
An equal average pace confidently, restrainedly and decisively leads the When the Link Becomes Missing (feat. Chris Clancy) story, sometimes accelerating with growling vocals, sometimes slowing down thoughtfully for the nomination of dreamy phrases of pure vocals with the support of sublime musical moves to the fore.
Unhurriedly, but viciously and furiously the fog of musical darkness is condensed, melancholy and gloomy My Sweet Suffering reveals comprehensively the romance of darkness and the dark side of lyrical speculation.
Guitar riffs are circling as pack of hungry griffins, vocal phrases are encouraging with their pensive moves, the Architects of God main motive pervades the composition by the ray of encouraging inspiration.
Romance carries the emotional impulse of incontinence vocal confessions, gentle and angry ballad The Rivers Who Conquered Perdition (feat. Chris Clancy) denies the possibility of rejection of its values.
Pulling a tight rope of many styles, the composition with a strong carcass combines screaming, growling and clean vocal, Sceptic In Perspective juggling with tempo and rhythm, like weightless feathers.
Fury and power combines in a single rush, sweeping up anger and rage in the Streams from the Ghost Inside parties of instrumental support for screaming and growling, reducing density and heaviness and thoughtfully combining parties with dreamy clean vocals.
Music draws in a whirlwind of changing images, rising to the sun and throwing into the impenetrable abyss of unprecedented darkness. Circling in these vortexes, the vocal nervously expresses rage and anger in a sharp harsh screaming, emphasizing the vagueness of the Night Garden Palace.
A grandiose symphony United Scars Anthem 2.0 creates an atmosphere of multi-valued set of colors, alternating between singing and music styles like a sharpie shuffles a deck of cards.
Returning to unforgettable legends, Crystal Mountain ("Death" cover) brings new interpretation and complements the sound with smoother vocals and more romantic presentation of guitar inclusions.