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There's no collision - just weird religion

June 25, 2016
DarkRise - Fear, Hate And Corruption

DarkRise - Fear, Hate And Corruption - are you believe in that? So - have to rate!
Stringy, howling riff begins, ending with a melodious passage, then the music takes on a more precise character, but still slow. And then we hear - Do Or Die! Slow verse completes leisurely laziness, after which the pace is accelerating, constantly finishing pieces by the phrase - the song title. Composition completes by guitar solo at the end of which we hear - title, many times - "Do! or - DIE!"
The rhythmic and short intro starts Allegiance, mid-tempo song, which speeds up a little breaks between the vocals parts.
Vocals led a violent start of the You'll Burn For This. After ruthlessly destructive entry follows the average rate, slow viscous bridges between vocal phrases.
The guitar riff dominates in the entry, not allowing anyone to detract from it's sounds. Then Cold vary the pace, between the slow movement follows fierce and stunning acceleration. And the song ends by the rule of the violent crushing drums Rhythmic drumming, then we hear the command "Go!" All Blinded have to move forward, clear, snatch stepper pace verse, track accelerating pace in the chorus. In the middle of the composition we hear rhythmic, rough and nervous shrieks. Ends song slow chorus with guitar solo superimposed on him.
Bass solo starts A Solid Plan, rugged phrase opens the composition, flying toward the end expeditiously and without any delays. But in the mid-tempo fades, slow and viscous riffs surround the outline of the song. But then the anger and wrath break out of the shackles and are carried to the end so quickly as possible.
End Of Our World riff, who took all the entry passes like leitmotif thread through the whole surface of the composition, sometimes rising to the development in the guitar solo.
An intriguing start generating a bunch of puzzles and a lot of desire, fulfillment of which have to to wait or not indicate Just Before. The long instrumental intro turns into a furious and frenzied composition, interrupting the slow inserts vocals it goes. Chorus - a slow, rolling, clear repetition of the track title.
Fire burning furiously, quickly and without delay. Searches for new food for his body, the heat of which creates and destroys.
Christ Sucks questionable expression, in proof of which is rhythmic cantillation, which will act in support of drumming. Toward the end of the song will sound nervous sermon in French. At the end of which the choir of wicked souls brings a preacher to a nervous exhaustion, and that song and the album finishes.