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There's many shapes of cage - one of them just age

June 26, 2016
Fejd - Trolldom

Hero! Don't chafe hands by battleaxe - you should reach Fejd - Trolldom !
Wondrous melody encourages all of us to led reels, so begins Harjaren. Invigorates dance motifs in bridges, verses evoke reverie sad and impressionable vocals.
String shimmering of the ancient instrument opens title track Trolldom, tune appeals to the memory of ages, leads a marvelous melody that envelops us with its passages and motifs, holding attention for no step aside! Under the oppressive couplets it's necessary to determine - the troll or a human you are!
Powerful and crushing obstacles riffs are complemented by ancient folk tunes - so begins Ingjald Illrade. The mighty drumblows and angry jerks of guitars strings continue to accompany nervous impulsive vocals. Instrumental guitar part mitigates the aggression, but only for a while before the return of vocals.
Acoustic guitar takes all the entry of the Bed for din sjal (feat. Linn-Katrin Oygard), then lady's vocals turns the tune in enchanted land, where the fairies hover over the Valhalla's lakes and Valkyries awaiting for the viking wariors, that have killed a lot of trolls, goblins and another ugly wicked creatures. In next parts male narration combines with the lady's voice in a single melodical tune. Argh! There's a hope - to appear in the Valhalla to hear the same Valkyries chants!
Vargan, guimbarde, opens Hednaland and apeals to its leitmotif, that combines vargan and close to it guitars riffs. There are those ancient conventional instruments that are eternal and unforgettable!
Glod inspiring lyrical ballad, threading their sounds across ages and spaces. Unceasing leitmotif of wind instruments strengthens the continuity by its memorable singing voice. Completes the composition changeable and original guitar solo.
Acoustic guitar fingering is preparing the ground for a lonely clean vocals in intro of the Svart. Then the story continues with varying pace from slow to fast. Instruments juggle their parties, completing and faceted vocals from all sides, but prescribing its own pattern as well.
Sublime keyboards leads intro without calling for help to other instruments, then vocals joins to song about Vinternatt. Winter can be terrifying and frightening, what prevents vocal, exalts at the end of tact the emotional component to the top of its limit.This lyrical and melodic ballad concludes northern people's saga for all of us and their nature's elements.