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There must be certain reasons for these events

November 03, 2019
Cantus Levitas - Auf Grund

Wrapping up the bewitching covers of a bewitching melody, Stille Nebel begins the Cantus Levitas - Auf Grund album with inspirational tunes that recede into the over-sparkling melody of instrumental bridges. Then Narben brings the narrative of the vocal part to the fore, intertwining it with the bewitching tunes of the bagpipes. The bagpipe solo with a throbbing alarm drumming enters as a harsh anthem, then on the eve of the Sieben Meere vocal introduction, the acoustic chime of the strings is completed, culminating in the unity of the musical and vocal essence of the composition and some acceleration of pace, giving the composition a sweeping drive and retreating in front of the romantic tunes of the chorus, raising the banner of the valiant anthem.
The noise of the surf is complemented by an acoustic guitar solo, anticipating Flut song's pensive vocal narrative, embodying with the guitar passages and tunes of the accordion the bewitching balad of wise sailors in a coastal tavern. Pensively marching in an unhurried procession, Aus dem Leben march somewhat accelerates the pace before the introduction of vocals, completing the bars and choruses with thoughtful slowdowns.
An inspirational symphony combines the background atmosphere of distant keyboard tunes with a guitar solo in the foreground of the Al ardu alqahila instrumental saga, which serves as the introduction of Karges Land song, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, enveloping phrases with enchanting covers of melodious appeals. At the Altas Undas introduction and the chorus, the rest of the instruments recedes before the bagpipe tunes, which are hidden before the onset of the vocal part in the verse.
Flaunting an inspirational march with a vocal part in the foreground, In die Flammen pumps a whirlwind of festival celebration in its chorus. Brot & Spiele inspirationally and leisurely continues the celebration, bringing to the forefront of the composition the tapping of the tambourine and the chants of the bagpipe in the instrumental bridges.
Starting with the chime of acoustic strings and the thoughtful reflections of vocals, Windkreis then brings to the fore of the instrumental bridge joyful folklore tunes that recede before the vocal reflections of the verse and intertwine with them in the chorus. The Ferne Ufer introduction brings the bagpipes to the fore, then the vocals chase the verse’s fast drive, introducing romantic reflections of the bridge and intertwining these musical entities in the chorus. A pensive symphony interweaving keyboard lace in a single musical charm anticipates the wise meditations of the final album's Dein Wille composition, which then combines the keyboard symphony and vocal phrases.