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There is something wrong with all around

December 08, 2021
Void Vator - Great Fear Rising

Powerfully, assertively and furiously exploding with a whirlwind guitar solo in the I Can't Take It intro, the Void Vator - Great Fear Rising album then creates the atmosphere of a majestic anthem, enveloping the vocal musings with sparkling covers of rhythmic march. After an intriguing guitar solo, the I Want More song blends vocal outrage with musical fury in a jerky and rebellious way. The main motif immediately reveals its essence, complementing the sound of the There's Something Wrong With Us composition with vocal doubts and reflections.
The Losing Control music and vocals advance in their shared twilight wanderings, taking you into an atmosphere of ghostly haze and mysterious obscurity. The Great Fear Rising album's title track enchants with a solemn intro anthem, exploding with an energetic and furious drive ahead of the vocals' introduction. The McGyver's Mullet song brutalizes the vocal part, enveloping it in swirls of mid-tempo guitar ruminations.
The Encounter intriguing guitar solo enters with an intro to the Poltergeist rhythmic mid-tempo march, accentuating the heartbeat of its sound with shifting vocal reflections. The album's final track Infierno brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, augmenting the vocal musings with sparkling reflections of guitar solos.