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There is something that separates and unites

June 11, 2020
Open The Nile - The Meridian

The Intro monologue that reveals the peculiarities of the perception of the cosmic structure: as if each person is just a receiver, perceiving a certain part of the knowledge that the universe transfers to him. Arrival continues the Open The Nile - The Meridian album with a pensive clean vocals narrative, introducing some trends of oriental folklore, progressively and artistically weaving vocal and musical melodies in a single pensive ballad.
Exploding with a furious drive and combining different variations of priming and growling in the vocal part, the Variant song's sound, while maintaining the tenor of the leitmotif, introduces a portion of the drive. But the thoughtfulness of pure vocals, combining male and female vocals in a charming duet, returns to the spaces of inspired romanticism. Bringing the rigors of deep growling, complemented by creaky screaming screeches, DNA Hacker walks in a leisurely procession, weaving together the cosmic rays of keyboard variations in the finale.
The phrase "This civilization reached a high point" ... lays the foundation for intro of the Borealis composition combining an incredible amount of vocal styles - from the charming voice of a singing lady to the variations of screaming and growling, entangled in incredibly complex musical variations. But the guitar solo of the instrumental part will charm even the most sophisticated listeners.
The mesmerizing artistry of Hawking Radiation instrumental improvisations creates an atmosphere of cosmic diversity, piercing space and time with invisible rays, completing the instrumental narrative with the Laniakea's Murmur keyboard solo.
Weaving female and male vocals in the mesmerizing atmosphere of an enchanting dance One Last Message brings romantic tenderness and sighs of musical tenderness. Vocal confessions separate the songs, after which Arissara explodes in a wave of severe drive, sometimes swirling with whirlwinds of symphony with violin solos and keyboard variations, combining vocal phrases with a furious drive and symphonic melody in a single musical image. The pensive Winter's Aurora instrumental chime combining the bard saga and musical creations of Tibetan monks completes the album, topped by a brooding guitar solo.