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There is something that can not be overcome in any way

March 01, 2017
Ash Borer - The Irrepassable Gate

Mysterious melodies can not overcome the gates of the castle - they can not get through Ash Borer - The Irrepassable Gate in front of them!
Without the slightest delay, the title track The Irrepassable Gate begins the album, mixing the viscous adherent riffs with sharp, rolling vocal phrases, changing the tempo and speed over and over again, combining the grim sound of the rhythm with the violent parts of the solo guitar, twisting over the main canvas as wild hunt explosions.
The dense darkness envelops with the impenetrable haze, swirling around in the terrible outbursts of the gloomy images of illusory ghosts of Lacerated Spirit. Leisurely gloomy riffs conveys to keyboards delights, that creates so cosmic atmosphere with ornate fantastic passages, after which the musical tempo is increasing, accelerating the guitar breaks.
So gentle calm melody pours out in a instrumental tale Lustration I, wrapping us with sensual and charming romance.
Starting with a viscous, tight melody, the introduction of the vocal winds up pace of the Grey Marrow But then the gloomy viscosity returns again, merging with the beginning of the Rotten Firmament, swaddles blanket of gloomy sombre yarns, sharply accelerating before the vocal entry, but thoughtful deliberation returns to the instrumental part, a guitar solo slowly and painstakingly goes through emotional experiences. Then fast impetuous speed returns again almost to the end, interwoven in a single stream with a melodic twilight.
The gloomy melody of the Lustration II instrumental saga completes the album, covering with a ghostly veil of brooding tunes and mystical chants.