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There is so much understatement in pauses

March 24, 2020
Brkn Love - Brkn Love

Wrapping assurances of honesty and frankness around the guitars of the passages I Can.t Lie carries the intriguing tunes of the verse to readiness to hear assurances of frankness in the chorus. The I See Red song's pulsating heartbeat continues the Brkn Love - Brkn Love album with mysterious popes raising banners of readiness for adventure. Tightly and powerfully driving its steps Shot Down brings some shades of hard blues to the musical pattern.
The Flies In The Honey track takes things in a heavier direction that almost makes it to stoner/doom/Sabbath-style metal. Giving nervousness to the verse phrases of the verse, the Papercuts chorus elevates the experience beyond ordinary anxiety. Accentuating the buzz of the Seventeen main motive with the guitar buzz, the rhythm section emphasizes musical and vocal emotions, whipping up forebodings of imminent changes.
Nervous musical whirlwinds entwine doubtful vocal parts, twisting with them in the Toxic Twin restless dance, continuing mid-tempo pulsations to the sound of Complicated song, approaching the ballad in its music. Oxygen fully achieves the sensuality of ballad romanticism, marching with a saddened vocal romanticism through the gloom of mystery to a certain acceleration of pace to the ascension of feelings over other experiences.
An encouraging procession of inspired Don.t Panic vocals phrases fulfills hopes and expectations of the best changes, after which In Your Hands completes the album in the same style, condensing the sound with the rhythmic component of the musical composition and enveloping the music with shades of native places.