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There is own abyss for all of us inside

October 30, 2018
Lady Reaper - Mise En Abyme

The narrator invites the audience to take seats in the hall and get ready for To the Abyss fairy tale. The final part serves as an introduction for the next The Eternal Carnival track of Lady Reaper - Mise En Abyme album, revealing the features of its main motive. Then the vocals open the gates of mysterious witchcraft, circling in the chorus dance.
Beginning with an acoustic ballad and the sad song of a bard, then sad dreams follow, but then the Abracadabra song is hoisted by a bewitching guitar solo and ends with a wave of pulsating mid-tempo march.
Weaving together blues motifs and medieval bardic legends Another Me demonstrates the unity of styles in an inspiring epic manner.
Waves of enchanting romanticism introduce in the melodic ballad Fragments shades of artistic melody, elevating the perception of reality in a solemn hymn - allowing for the existence of a different point of view on the surrounding reality. Special mention should be made of the enchanting melody of the singing of female vocals, complemented by acoustic romance.
Beginning with a mysterious acoustic twilight foreshadowing a ballad, Buried in My Dreams then continues with a rolling mid-tempo drive, valiantly and obstinately rolling the musical shaft. The vocal introduces a changeable epic narrative, transformed by progressive instrumental bridges.
Fabulous motifs seem to unite an imaginary past with the ordinary present - Stop the Mops suggests erasing the differences between this ... by proper cleaning. Starting in a muffled whisper, like an elder sage reads a lullaby to his grandchild, then Mr Nick: Diabolical Bets composition develops into a separate creation, combining many styles and genres, fusing vocal and marvelous instrumental passages in the horn of symphonic melody. Headless Ride ompletes the album with a tougher sound, bringing the rage of impetuous drive to the forefront of the musical image, vocals complement the musical direction.