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There is only a grain of truth in any myth

October 23, 2019
Book Of Wyrms - Remythologizer

Viscous, painful and thoughtful Autumnal Snow music envelops the gloomy atmosphere of indelible sadness. Female vocals complement the verses in music with thoughtful reflections, pierce the saddened musical coverings of the chorus with bright bursts of emotions.
The shades of combat marches envelop the Blacklight Warpriest introduction, continuing the Book Of Wyrms - Remythologizer album with a more prismatic narrative and complementing the musical component with wind instruments, braiding phrases of female vocals with the painful covers of the twilight anthem.
Bringing some notes of playfulness to the introduction into the album (the “wild west of purgatory” in the lyrics clearly brings a certain shade of humor), Undead Pegasus then softs sadness inherent to the style with hints of southern rock stylistics.
While preserving the shades of sadness, Spirit Drifter envelops in a bewitching atmosphere of obscure romance, bewitching with an inspiring ballad and introducing keyboard variations with inspiring artistry in instrumental segments. The organ issues an enchanting instrumental symphony Curse of the Werecop, which acts as an introduction to the final composition of the album Dust Toad, slowly and thoughtfully rolling in the waves of the main motive, encircling thoughtful vocal thoughts.