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There is nowhere to hide!

July 09, 2023
Vapor - Mass Mortality

The enigmatic Intro begins the musical narrative of the Vapor - Mass Mortality album with an intriguing mystery, then developing the motifs of swelling in the furious whirlwind of the violent drive of the Fire and Death composition, complementing the rhythmic pressure of the musical drive with fierce accents of growling vocals with background echoes.
The drum roll, like a detachment of soldiers accompanying The Executioner to the scaffold, accompanies the unity of music and vocals in exciting musical artistry, then enveloping with veils of mystery and obscurity, weaving vocal exercises and the search for the Nightmare composition, combining solemnity, doubt and darkness.
Carefully preparing the introduction of vocals with instrumental variations, the Gutter Helmet song combines and alternates contrasting styles in the vocal part. A guitar solo enters a mesmerizing mystery, followed by a confident march, accelerating its march with the introduction of the vocals of the Numbskull composition, but from time to time returning to a stubborn viscous tread.
Rhythmically driving the way for the main motive, the guitar riffs then roll out its musical canvas for the procession of the Justified vocals story, followed by the adventurous and rapid throwing of musical variations of the Dark Gods song, carefully and painstakingly preparing the introduction of vocals, which then comes to the fore of the musical image in variable shades, anticipating the completion of the album in combinations of stories of the Wild West and the grooving metal drive of the Times in Turmoil composition.