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There is no way back

August 16, 2023
Battalions - Nothing To Lose

The gloomy saddened narration of A Cowards Manifesto song with a viscous and painful sound opens the musical gates of the Battalions - Nothing To Lose album, slowly, thoughtfully and painfully rolling out its musical canvas, on which then the rhythmic pace of the Hoods Up, Knives Out musical march confidently, assertively and persistently walks, driving vocal phrases with its steps into the chosen musical path.
The viscous and solemnity of the You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Sons And Your Souls anthem slowly and majestically rolls out its musical canvas before the procession of the vocal part, embodying and expanding the shades of the album's title track in the title. The sound of the Whisky & Wine composition emphasizes rest and festivity, but moves in a viscous atmosphere of restraining fetters and frames, indulging in unhurried fun and thoughtful festivity.
The guitar solo of the introduction weaves the musical lace of the Blood Bed main motive, which then wraps its veils around the lyrical reflections of the vocal part, complementing the sound of mystery, continuing in the sound of the Bog Faced Roy composition with the rolling sound of the rhythmic tread of musical passages, crowned with the lyrical charm of emotional vocals phrases. Once again, the guitar weaves the musical structure of the main motive, accompanying the intriguing anticipation before the entry of the vocal part of the Deadbeat Dad Beat Dead song, complementing the sound with background shades and muted mystery, foreshadowing the stubborn rebellion of the Shitstorm Troopers final composition of the album.