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There is no point in catching these hounds

June 30, 2022
Shed The Skin - Thaumogenesis

The Ingress-Thaumogenesis composition, which due to the title can be considered the title track for the Shed The Skin - Thaumogenesis album, begins its musical narrative complementing the fierce pressure and ny drive inherent in the musical genre with an atmosphere of symphonic influence. The bright guitar solo of the introduction gives artistry to the sound of the album, but then the vocal part comes to the fore of the musical image of the She Of Urgarit song, alternating with inspired fragments of instrumental bridges.
At first, enveloping the mysterious threads of a twilight fairy tale, the Invincible In Iron music complements the narration of the storyteller with an appropriate atmosphere, ending in the finale with an inspired drive, continuing with the rhythmic, persistent and tough sound of the Slaughtered In The Solar Eclipse mid-tempo rhythmic march. After some acceleration of the tempo and transformation of the sound, the listener is fascinated by the bright guitar solo of the instrumental part, anticipating the final fragment of the artwork.
Twilight musical mystery envelops the vocals narrative of the Hounds Of Orrea song in obscure hazy veils, then the Quenched From Kapala composition rises with a frenzy of unrestrained drive, weaving sparkling whirlwinds from musical passages around vocal confidence. Progressively complicating the rhythmic pattern of the introduction, the music builds the structure of the main motif, then crowning this sound with vocals phrases of the Blood Runs Red song.
Rising with an exciting musical sound, the Blades Of The Lightning Altar composition captivates with vocals appeals to rapid progress to new discoveries, then fascinates with a mysterious guitar solo, intrigue in the introduction of the Snow Forest Sacrifice song, then marching with the unhurried and meaningful sound of a dark anthem, concluding with the acceleration of the tempo of music and vocals and the bright artistry of the guitar solo and the finished album with a persistent and harsh vocal narrative of the Voces Mysticae-Egress composition.