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There is no peace in this world

April 08, 2020
Mindtaker - Toxic War

Starting the Mindtaker - Toxic War album with a mysterious guitar introduction, I Am the Kid then brings to the forefront of the musical image indignant vocal phrases, restraining the musical drive to the brink of a mid-tempo indignation. Seven Gates of Hell shows in the introduction the musical essence of the main motive, then complementing the musical composition with rhythmic variations and crowning the musical waves with crests of vocal experiences.
After a guitar solo, vocal rage leads and directs a whirlwind of Faces of War musical drive along the path of rebellious discontent. The crowd noise in the fervor of the tavern ends with a whirlwind of musical drive, swept away by a swift race of musical whirlwinds in a pair of musical thrillers, crowning musical essences of the Into the Pit track and returning to the mid-tempo ripples in the Destruicao Total songs with emotional exclamations of vocals indignation.
But, supplementing with the swirling vortices of a musical drive, first Fuck Off song brings the vocal narrative to the forefront of the musical image, then continuing to twist the vocal phrases of the Skull Impaler composition with vortices of the musical drive.
Weaving into the introduction the speeches of the radio stations Down to Terrorism then sweeps up the whirlwind of unbridled drive, intriguing the vocal narrative of the verse and emphasizing the song title in the chorus again and again. Intriguing with an obscure introduction, Hell on Earth then accentuates the name with an indignant scream, narrating a grim tale in verses.
Braiding around a guitar solo of entry and restraining the development of drive Drink Beer for Thrash is transformed into the furious noise of a fast-moving thriller, returning to the enthusiastic round dance again. The obscure preaching of the mysterious dictator anticipates the stream of drive of the Toxic War title track, ending the album with a whirlwind of unbridled rage.