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There is heavenly graces for gods and vile survival for janitors

March 17, 2018
Artemis Blade - As Above... So Below

An epic fog of a mysterious ritual Despair Descent, with the choruses of ghost spirits on the background begins Artemis Blade - As Above... So Below album, then these sacramental tunes and a mysterious symphony develop into the introduction of the next composition The Fall, embittering this tune, giving them heroic melodiousness. The mid-tempo hymn in its unhurried symphonic sound interweaves the growling with a fast drive with pure vocals, dreamily raising prayers to higher spheres.
The howl of the distant wind anticipates a ghostly symphony developing and gathering powerful rhythmic beats into the introduction Forsaken Light, further strengthening the epic nature of the music in a rhythmic march, weaving the growling and clean vocal in duet.
The pensive symphonic passage of the piano is weaved in a fascinating introduction with a bright inspired guitar solo, then embodying a romantic ballad Dark Ambitions with the dominant clean vocal that growling raises into the expanses of cosmic romanticism.
Being hardened in furious anger, music is carried away by the dark stream of uncontrollable drive, but the introduction suggesting an incredible acceleration of the pace restrains the introduction of the vocal, in the Burn verse it broadcasts in an average tempo, in the chorus rhythmically accenting its phrases.
So soft and gentle ballad Murder Unheard Of envelops all around with the enchanting dusk of an acoustic sound, stripping pensive clean vocal at the top of the musical image.
The title track As Above begins with a majestic prideful hymn, a marvelous guitar solo hovers vividly around the deep words of an ancient sage. Then a wave of furious drive sweeps the abyss into the abyss, but the bridge calls out to the wise phrases of pure vocals that pacify musical frenzy, which again comes out of the shadow in the next verse.
The epic atmospheric composition State of Cold completes the album, combining violent parts with demonic growling vocals with romantic meditations of a wandering bard, softly and thoughtfully sings tales, legends and prophecies.