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There is a special sign at the crossroads of all roads

April 02, 2018
Ignore The Sign - A Line To Cross

Inspiringly starting the Ignore The Sign - A Line To Cross album the ever-young rock'n'roll spirit immediately recognizes the vocalist that they are none other than Saviours of Rock, then before the chorus in the bridge his vocal part is complemented by singing guitarist, combining in the enchanting dance of the chorus, after which he dedicates his vocals to foreground. Title track A Line to Cross continues the album as the romantic ballad captivating with seductive images in an illusory haze, from time to time wandering bards spicy wind from hot deserts or condescending grace of paradise delight.
Starting with the alarming motive in the introduction No Way Home creates a competition for the dominant position in a musical image for the keyboards, decorating the inspiring background and driving guitars parties.
The atmosphere of the Brother main motive enchanting with incredible melody envelops the romantic haze of an inspired ballad, combining vocals in enchanting dance in the chorus after the male domination in the verse.
Guitar passages are fanned with enchanting whirlwinds, keyboard chords sum up these parts, female vocals dominate the sound of the The Story Isn't Over song, returning to the beginnings of hard rock, complementing them with epic artistry.
So soft and gentle ballad When Words Ain't Enough is led by solo vocals, the rest of the instrumental parts and musical ideas are entirely subordinate to the vocalist's mood.
Intriguingly and uneasily starting in the majestic dusk, God with a Million Faces lifts imaginary images above the disgusting routine, juggling fantasies like sparkling fireballs.
Nervously and emotionally, the vocals in the Sweet Lady verses casts aside the indecision of the ballad, hastening to find the ideals, but in the chorus Romanticism finds new support in the person of the choir of comrades-in-arms.
The pulsating wave of marching into the Days of Thunder introduction then alternates the waves of drive with unhurried reflections, combining several stylistic and genre influences. It should be noted that the band made a very interesting video for this song.
So marvelous, exciting and magnificent ballad Behind the Wall begins with a calm reflection. From the background there are orchestral passages, then enveloping the charming atmosphere of majestic symphonism. It is necessary to listen, be inspired - to listen again and again!
Rigid and dense canvas of hot southern winds are carried away in a stream of rough drive, rolling Can't Find the Door as powerful mid-tempo march, bringing a touch of hard blues and southern rock. Very clearly implemented features of these styles, especially should highlight the bright and delightful presentation of female vocals, so harsh and emotional The dark fog of melodic ballad Silver Wind weaves orchestral passages with a rigid guitar base, vocal phrases weave together these contrasts, creating a charming romantic atmosphere.
Thoughtful, atmospheric Looking in the Sun composition melodically and pacifyingly completes the album - nothing supplementing or taking away from the successful embodiment of traditional rock.