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October 22, 2021
Baron Carta - In a Concrete Room (EP)

Harshly, persistently and disassemble Altrincham composition begins the musical narration of the Baron Carta - In a Concrete Room (EP) release, then complementing the sound of musical passages in the depth and significance of the vocal party. The soldier squad completes the musical story with their harsh marsh.
Accelerating the tempo of musical sound and complementing the music by violent drive, the Ratlines song begins with a violent musical thriller, but then transformed with the sound of romantic musical and vocal jokes that give the composition of the shade of ballads.
The average-tempo musical narration of the Living on Running Low composition puts forward a vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, marching a rhythmic march, asking vocal phrases on the crests of musical waves. Guitar solo of the instrumental part enchants with so artistic melody and exciting sound.
Toughly, powerfully and rhythmically marching the Light Bearer confident and stubborn march, preferring the power of rapidness and speed. The Act 2: Resilience completes the musical release of its most diverse, versatile - because the most prolonged musical essence with the ballads music.