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There are tunes that will never fade away

December 30, 2016
Roberts, Alasdair - Plaint of Lapwing

Tenderness and poise are based on ancient memorable motifs in Roberts, Alasdair - Plaint of Lapwing , that brings our mind in the realm of eternal calm tranquility.
Anank creates a dreamy inspired mood with thoughtful story accompanying by chimes guitar strings and flute melodies. This fairy tale continues with gentle ballad Peacock Strut, in which the wind instruments come to the fore, taking away the vocal story and guitar riffs.
Wind Instruments continue to dominate, even in the darkness, and indistinguishable At the Mid Hour of Night. The Narrator keeps easily and calmly, like singing a lullaby to falling asleep children.
Thoughtful history continues to flow slowly, ale splashing in mugs - but If There is Any Light? Keyboard passages hovers over as dreamy clouds, vocals flows like an light ale, there's no need for the darkest stout and something much stronger.
The Evening is Growing Dim permeates space with waves of fatigue, after a hard and busy day - to calm strained nerves and relieving all positive from consciousness to calm mind.
Persistently and confidently pianos builds main motif, picks up carrying into the clouds flute melodies. Then The Left-Hand Man begins his story, sad and melancholy carrying us through its being in unison with delicate musical grace.
Quintessence of sadness and grief descends from the gray skies, fog shrouding haze and oppressive mists all of us with the Boy of Blazing Brow.
Organ and keyboard combines in a rush all the symphonic orchestra in a single entity, accumulating emotions not by wild drive, but calm and balanced in melodic retrive. Spirits of ancestors enthusiastically and respectfully heed these ancient motifs, thanks to modern descendants, who honor the cultural heritage with Ballad of the Speaking Heart.
Title track Plaint of Lapwing unhurried melody humble smoothes frictions, creates a calm peaceful atmosphere that extolling friendship, fellowship and mutual aid on top of the community.
Older ancient folk melody The Wronged Blacksmith creates wonderful atmosphere with ringing strings and chiming keys dancing with their notes like fireflies in the dusk of evening haze.
Confident passages of piano and orchestra of mysterious instruments combines in an enchanting melody, that transporting all of us into the realm of the supernatural and otherworldly mysteries. And this Hallowe'en closes the album by its calm and mild mystery.