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There are temptations in cemeteries too

December 09, 2020
Chris Connelly - Graveyard Sex

The chime of an acoustic guitar complements the main motive with a touch of mystery, combined with vocal phrases in a mysterious the Chris Connelly - Graveyard Sex album's titla track intrigue. The vocal part comes to the forefront of the Infinite Last Wish musical image, captivating with their experiences. The Silk Balune with brooding thoughts creates an intriguing mystery, combining vocal experiences with musical twilight.
Music and vocals are intertwined in the Lindsay Cooper uncertain doubts. But then, casting aside doubts, The Hypnotic Stand-By vocals ascend into artistic inspiration, combined with majestic echoes of symphonic epicness. The Heart Has To Ache Before It Learns To Beat music intensifies the atmosphere of romanticism and ballad inspiration, soft and sensual. Bringing vocals back to the forefront of the musical image, the Mesmeridoanticipates these reflections with futuristic echoes of pulsating notes.
The For The Love Of The Tension romantic inspiration and vivid melody of the bewitching ballad continues the musical narration with a vivid celebration. Vocal crying is combined with the soft chime of the You Forget To Answer instrumental symphony on the piano. The Looking For A Coda electronic chime of futuristic echoes concludes the album with omens of things to come.