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There are no tourists allowed here

May 12, 2019
The Prodigy - No Tourists

Electronic motifs with a dark and painful atmosphere inject the atmosphere of the narration of the Need Some1 composition, accenting the name with rare vocal sobs. The epic Light Up The Sky introduction with the atmosphere of medieval bardic legends continues the The Prodigy - No Tourists album, but industrial modernist motifs introduce vocal phrases of the verses, but in the instrumental bridges medieval epic returns.
The vocala phrases comea to the forefront of a musical image of the We Live Forever song, but the electronic impulses weave entrancing energies around them.
The title composition No Tourists injects an epic intrigue with a certain tinge of Broadway playfulness, but maintaining the intrigue is long and significant, entangling the main motive with new and new variations of musical passages.
Electronic motifs, vocal phrases of the recitative and spicy influences of oriental musical shades stretches the stylistic frames of the album with the sound of the Fight Fire With Fire (feat. Ho9909) composition.
The melodies of a child’s voice are lost in a whirlwind of dancing melodies of a futuristic drive, enveloping the mystery of electronic impulses in the bridges of the Timebomb Zone song.
The vocals Champions Of London narrative alternates distorted melodies resembling a nervous child and the disturbing melodies of male vocals, enveloping it with an alternation of a cocoon of electronic alarms.
Accentuating the Boom Boom Tap title from the very beginning, the song discards the musical canvas again and again repeating these tunes with female vocals.
The distorted melodies of robots intertwine in a fascinating epic storytelling, creating and Resonate enchanting atmosphere of futuristic tales. Give Me a Signal (feat. Barns Courtney) completes the album in a similar style, but the melodies of pure vocals bring the spirit of medieval bard legends that have pierced centuries and eras.