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There are diseases that are always difficult to diagnose

June 19, 2020
Axxis (DEU) - Virus of a modern Time (EP)

Twisting the storm of musical vortices the Babylon crowns it with vocal charisma, starting the Axxis (DEU) - Virus of a modern Time (EP) album with the unity of artistry of power and drive. The guitar solo of the instrumental part captivates with progressive extravaganza lace.
The keyboards chime ends with a march of viscous entry march, slowly continuing with thoughtful vocal reflections of the Boats of Hope verse, raising the banners of emotions and experiences in the chorus. Thoughts of the vocal part are complemented by a whirlwind of thoughtful musical passages, enveloping the Last Eagle vocals doubts and puzzles with a round dance of musical passages and enveloping with enchanting artistry, complementing the vocal phrases with a refrain in the chorus.
A whirlwind of rapid drive carries into a rampant race of musical drive, crowned and entwined with keyboard artistry, the Mother Money with a vocal cushion more and more diversifies the variability of the musical image. This is followed by several interpretations of the title composition - first, teh Virus of a Modern Time starting with the introduction and some shades of the NDH, it walks confidently and persistently to the ascension of vocal inspiration in the refrain, returning to the style of introduction in instrumental bridges. Then Virus of a Modern Time (Video Edit) develops this musical essence at first by the union of a symphony and electronic impulses, then returns and develops an original style. musical essence and giving the vocal narrative a more emotional image. The screams of the wounded and refugees precede the development of the final composition War Games of the album, in which the vocals inspire and sublimely intertwine in an enchanting dance with musical passages, discussing the experiences of the victims of the wars.