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There are a lot of fairy beings in this realm

November 13, 2019
November's Doom - Nephilim Grove

Thoughtful musical passages entangles pensive Petrichor vocals phrases that combine the mysterious tunes of clean vocals in the vocal part with the harsh harsh waves. In the middle of the composition, musical and vocal variations line the ghostly spell lace and erect the inspired covers of cloud castles.
Consolidating the musical and vocal sound of the November's Doom - Nephilim Grove album, the introduction of The Witness Marks song pumps powerful drive trends with severe growling, alternating them with thoughtful reflections of clean vocals, enticed by the artistic armor of sparkling musical passages. Title track Nephilim Grove continues the musical narrative, starting with a bewitching pensive romance, entwining soft and enchanting tunes of a lullaby with delicate musical ribbons. Then the musical canvas becomes hardened, preserving, however, the bewitching melody and artistry. Continuing to erect the halls of musical charm What We Become envelops in a bewitching mystery of the ballad, entangling the threads of the majestic musical lace, based on the tunes of the dominant clean vocals.
Bringing a deep growling to the front edge of the musical image, Adagio preserves the melodic style and envelops vocal phrases in the toga of the majestic anthem, complementing them with shades of tunes of clean vocals. Pumping up powerful and persistent waves of severe drive, Black Light rolls them with medium-tempo shafts, wrapping powerful fragments with growling inspired by romances with clean vocals, culminating the song's name with growling.
Wrapping with epic trends and inspiring fairy-tale ghosts, the echoes of ancient legends The Clearing Blind walk along a soft and inspiring musical path following the tunes of clean vocals, preserving the bewitching atmosphere of mystical mystery. Still Wrath music circles in the vortices of the main motive, enveloping with ornate echoes of oriental motifs, giving vocal reflections, complementing the dreams of fine vocals with background growling, enchanting mystery. The Obelus completes the album, preserving the style of the previous composition, but somewhat accelerating the pace and giving some haste and growling darkness.